Welcome to the Babywearing Calgary Lending Library.

Please review how to be a member, our policies and instructions on how to reserve a carrier.

How to be a member:

You must be a paid member to rent a carrier. A yearly fee of $15 is required.

1. Email Transfer to babywearingcalgary@gmail.com (password BWCalgary), Cash, or Cheque (made out to “Amy Levie”), or Credit Card is accepted.

2. Membership expires (we'll send a reminder) a year from when you sign up.


1. Please ensure the carrier you receive is fit for use and you are able to practice safe babywearing with it. Please read instructions or visit manufacturer's websites for instructions. Babywearing Calgary is not responsible for improper use or wear and tear.

2. A deposit of 90% of the carrier value is required. Please make cheque out to "Amy Levie", cash or fill out the Lending Library Deposit Credit Card Authorization form.

3. Carrier rental is for 2 weeks. You can rent back-to-back WITH APPROVAL. If the carrier is requested already, it must be returned. Renewals will happen on the due date.

4. You must be able to return the carrier to two drop-off locations. (North Haven NW or Riverbend SE, or make arrangements directly with us)

5. LATE FEES: There is a $1/day late fee for any carrier not returned on the due date.

6. You may check out ONE carrier at a time.

7. Return the carrier in the same condition you rented it. Please no smoking.

8. Respect the carrier. If you damage it or lose it you will be responsible for paying the actual replacement of the carrier, including shipping.

Rent a carrier

1. Browse the inventory. Please check the location of the carrier you wish to check out. We have 2 libraries, one NW and one SE. If there is a specific carrier you MUST try, please write a note if you're in the opposite side of the city so we can help you arrange pick up.

2. Click reserve, select a 2 week period (Please note we cannot guarantee the dates you select) Please do not reserve a carrier more than a week in advance. More than a week in advance will automatically be denied.

3. Go to your cart and check out your reservation. (IMPORTANT)

3. An admin will confirm your reservation (Please allow 24 - 48 hours. We're busy mama's too)

4. When you pickup the carrier it will be checked out to you and a deposit taken.

Washing Carriers

Please do not wash carriers.
If you need to (child has had a blow out, vomited, etc) Please contact us for proper washing instructions or to arrange return.